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“Reliable performance and quality, in addition to the highest level of professional customer support, the best communications and information management technology available, in cluding the new on-line ordering, tracking and reporting tool. Blending mobility, data analytics and automation, ALIF makes the final leg of the transit of a company a breeze for individuals and companies alike. ALIF allows companies of all sizes to optimize their last mile delivery with its on-demand and subscription models across various verticals.”


“Use ALIF for your restaurant deliveries...”

Want to deliver your delicious food to thousands of potential customers? And we will! It's simple: we collect your food and deliver them to your customers in flash! Fascinated? Today let us begin our partnership!
For us, you just pay for delivery. Unlike marketplaces, we take no fee on orders.
When it comes to pricing we guarantee complete clarity. No secret surcharges or fees. The fee is shown prior to booking confirmation.
On our live order dashboard, you can watch the progress of the pick-up and drop off deliveries and your customers can track their deliveries in real time. Enhanced In-app alerts from pick-up to drop-off at every phase of delivery.
When on board, all of our couriers get qualified equipment consisting of branded uniforms, protective kits and thermal bags top of range. They also attend comprehensive trainings on road safety, and are briefed on how to treat food and meet consumer standards.


If you are a small business owner, your customers want to delivered on time and you are committed to doing so. Everyone wants their delivery on time, no matter how bad the traffic is, and the weather burning the roads! What kind of festival? Which anniversary? Delivery will be on time at a doorstep. ALIF has considerable experience in supplying clients with well-groomed and trained staff.
We supply your company with the enormous amounts of bike riders for the courier services, we meet all your Distribution needs.
We deliver our packages through highly trained and closely supervised bike messenger and delivery squads to ensure that the brand identity is retained during the customer journey from ordering to knocking at their door.


“Accelerate your growth by providing excellent visibility, productivity and versatility.”

Innovative online competitors have disrupted the retail market today. Whether on-demand or next day, delivering or loading and collecting–shoppers now expect quicker delivery time, better prices and more convenient choices than most retailers are currently equipped to offer.
ALIF is a platform that allows leading retailers to address these problems quickly in order to broaden and boost distribution on a scale.
Owning or running a retail company involves constantly moving above and beyond consumer standards and fulfilling them. We found in a recent survey that 60 percent of customers have given up a shopping cart due to slow delivery times. Don't lose clients because of the mediocre distribution options. ALIF partners with retail and e-commerce companies to distribute to your customers on the same day, in a comfortable and secure way.


“Delivering groceries that you can love every week and enjoy.”

Customers now expect their pickups and deliveries to arrive easily and conveniently just where and when they want them. Meeting these demands requires operations which are completely transparent and highly versatile in the fulfillment of foodstuffs.
Providing reliable, cost-effective delivery, however, is difficult and costly, with rivals ready to step in if requirements of the customers are not met.
In order to keep customers coming back, grocers need to find ways to improve their operating productivity and accountability through the entire ecosystem: from the factory to the frozen lane, through vehicles and drivers to the front door of the customer.
Using the ALIF, supermarket chains can handle and refine their diverse distribution processes on a scale, and provide their customers with the best delivery experience possible.
Our delivery platform helps grocers in the distribution process by giving them 360-degree visibility, full operational control and seamless distribution and pick-up services that improve customer loyalty and profit margins.


“Shipping Impacts Your Customer’s Experience...
Shipping Affects the experience of the Customer...”

If your online business is small or has a large regular sales volume, you'll be aware that choosing a good shipping solution is very critical for your eCommerce to run smoothly.
ALIF assist e-commerce and marketplace businesses with their logistics by offering last-mile distribution solutions for all business needs. With our better and more powerful delivery network performing speedy daily deliveries, deliveries have never been that inexpensive and quick before.
Being a leading E commerce store now means offering quality, low-cost, high-speed delivery services, regardless of where your customers are. Yet demand for delivery of parcels on the same day is increasing faster than most teams and networks can accommodate and at greater cost than many can bear.
ALIF provides technology and expertise will allow you to scale differentiated, branded delivery experiences quickly.


“Delivering Life-Saving Resources Fast and Efficiently...”

Despite the growing demand for home delivery, pharmacies will now stay ahead of the market by providing home delivery to their patients on request. Fulfil orders quicker, double customer satisfaction and scale the pharmacy with ALIF.
Healthcare suppliers and Pharmacies can monitor and automate their distribution activities with real-time visibility into products and deliveries using our delivery platform. We offer flawless deliveries of healthcare products that help your company expand.